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Merging statistics and geoinformation workshop @ INSPIRE Conference, Mon, Sep 26, 14:00-18:00

Welcome to join the "Merging statistics and geospatial information - lessons learned towards INSPIRE" workshop organized by Eurostat!

It will be a great opportunity to hear about projects developed in National Statistical Institutes aiming towards stronger implementation of geographical information together with statistical applications. By the end of the workshop attendees should have a good overview of the current state of play in the field of geostatistics in respect to INSPIRE principles.

The workshop takes place on Monday, September 26th 14:00 - 18:00

Projects / topics:

- Mobile phones and population,

- Linked open data,

- Geospatial data on business,

- Attractive urban areas,

- Table Joining Service - a solution for INSPIRE themes w/o geometry,

- Pilot implementation of identifiers using own URI service,

- Metadata for connecting statistics to INSPIRE and open data,

- Geocoding Business Registers with respect to INSPIRE Annex III Building theme

- Geocoding population census data.

Hope to see you there!

Statistics & Health

Statistics & Health

Join this group if you would like to share knowledge or ask questions regarding the INSPIRE implementation of Statistical Units [SU], Population Distribution (Demography) [PD] or Human Health and Safety [HH] data themes
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