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Within the SeaDataCloud Project we have been working on the INSPIRE compliant encoding of data stemming from SeaDataNet. In the course of this work, we have provided GML encodings of Environmental Monitoring Facilities (both platform level for description of the vessel as well as sampling point level for each individual sampling point covered). In addition, we have encoded specialized observations for point time series, profiles and trajectories. All examples have been made available on the Observational Cluster on the best practices page:

In addition, we noticed that the matching tables automatically generated by the INSPIRE pages have issues, some attributes are missing (i.e. gml:id) as well as some of the associations (has been thematized with JRC). A new and improved (hand carved) version of the EF matching tables are available from

Please note that we did run into some issues in the encoding process. The following points are presently being discussed based on this work:

  • Suitability of constraints to the specialized observation types: in addition to checking if all constraints are valid (some are contradictory between title and OCL, some may just be confused), we're also comparing with actual observation types to see if the set provided cover the requirements (at present we've found instances a trajectory providing profiles...)
  • Coverage Models and O&M: as the new coverage models from CIS 1.1 were being finalized at the same time as the O&M guidelines, these were not taken into account. Revisiting the issue, we have seen that CIS 1.1 could solve several of the ambiguities within the specialized observations. Currently work-in-progress
  • Schema Serialization: there's an issue with the TimeLocationValueTriple foreseen for the provision of the INSPIRE TrajectoryObservation, the omso XSD doesn't allow for provision of a value. An interim schema has been made available, but still needs to be formalized within INSPIRE. Schema hack at:

I hope that this work helps to clarify some of the issues and possibilities of observational data in INSPIRE. If anybody does have issues with their own encoding - please get in touch, as this will help us help each other with these difficult problems!


Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements
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