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GIS Utility Infrastructures supporting Digital Society

By Angel LOPEZ ALOS Comments (1)

EUROGI, European Umbrella organisation for Geographic Information, organized a one day conference in cooperation with AFIGEO, named “GIS utility infrastructures supporting digital society”, during its Members Meeting the 7th of December 2017.

All the content of the conference is available here

As a matter of fact, “GIS utility infrastructure” is an issue EUROGI seized as soon as 2014 when it took part of UPSIDEDOWN European project. In order to ease the understanding of this field and feed members’ thoughts, EUROGI decided to focus its Members Meeting on that topic.

  • Giacomo MARTIRANO
    Giacomo MARTIRANO
    Dear Angel,
    very good to start this discussion on the TC!
    As I already had the opportunity to discuss with Simon (Vrecar), despite the very good final EUROGI recommendation "Encourage GI standardization in Europe at a national or regional level regarding underground networks map and basic map as well, in compliancy with INSPIRE and OGC", after having gone through all the presentations I'm quite surprised to see too few references to INSPIRE.
    • The first one, made by my good friend Ad smiley, which, despite its title, is quite critical with respect to the US INSPIRE extension, remembering also the discussion we had with Ad at the INSPIRE extension workshop in June.
    • The second one made by OGC, presenting their project on (another) CityGML ADE, this time for Utilities, in which INSPIRE is (correctly) listed among the reference models.
    I was also surprised to see the presentation related to Flanders, which is not mentioning at all INSPIRE, considering, for instance, that in the frame of the GeoSmartCity project 2 years ago the partner VMM extensively used within their sewage-related pilot the INSPIRE US extension (which encompasses the IMKL model and its AWIS extension).
    IMHO more attention should be given to INSPIRE, considering that it could well match most of the requirements set in the presentations made by the real end-users (Local Authorities and Utilities Companies), possibly re-using (and improving) experiences already made.
    Just as an example, the above mentioned GeoSmartCity US extension contains feature classes required by the pilot partners to deal with digging works, reference projects, maintenance events detected by technicians, failure events crowdsourced by citizens and many others.
    However, I think that the Eurogi event and this discussion on the TC is very helpful to stimulate a debate around this very interesting topicsmiley 
    Kind regards to all
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