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As preparatory work for the upcoming INSPIRE Conference in Antwerp is reaching a frenzy, I've taken a short step back to provide a short overview of the sessions relevant towards observational data and reporting that I've identified (together with some other bits I just can't not mention! ;) ).

We'll be starting the week of bright and early on Tuesday at 9 with a new round of our Workshop on practical INSPIRE Implementation; while this goes beyond observational data, it is sure to provide a good grounding in the issues being faced in the INSPIRE implementation process. Thursday at 9 we'll be doing a similar Workshop on the joys and pitfalls of coverage data and WCS - for those of you who feel safe on the SOS front, well, there's new stuff to learn, and new opportunities involved! Thursday at 14 we'll then proceed to our by now traditional O&M&EF Workshop, whereby we have some new cool technologies, some already aligned with INSPIRE to show! And don't miss the session on INSPIRE Thematic clusters – building common INSPIRE implementation & use knowledge on Wednesday at 14; we'll be having our EF&O&M Cluster meeting directly after this session at 15:30.

Here the chronological rundown (to the best of my knowledge, appologies for bits I missed (tell me!)):

Tuesday, September 18

09:00 Room: Gorilla 4 & 5: More Practical INSPIRE Practice [Flipcharts - 2]

Wednesday, September 19

09:00 Room: Gorilla 1:  Environmental monitoring and reporting (generally interesting)

14:00 Room: Gorilla 3:  INSPIRE Thematic clusters – building common INSPIRE implementation & use knowledge

15:30 Room: TBD: EF&O&M Thematic Cluster Meeting

16:00 Room: Okapi 3:  Environmental monitoring, reporting and indicators (generally interesting)

Thursday, September 20

09:00 Room: Nightingale: Practicing INSPIRE coverages - Enhancing your data cube implementation assets!

14:00 Room: Gorilla 4 & 5: SDIs for the Internet of Things. The integration of spatio-temporal data in INSPIRE

14:30 Room: Okapi 2: SensorThings API and Smart Cities

16:00 Room: Okapi 3: OGC SensorThings API - IoT Sensors for the Energy Domain

16:00 Room: Okapi 2: Development of a national Spatial Data Infrastructure for Open Sensor Data based on citizen science initiatives

16:30 Room: Okapi 2: OGC SensorThings API – A New Approach for Meteorological Data.

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements
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