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Thematic Cluster #3 in the INSPIRE Conference 2018 - Antwerp

INSPIRE conference 2018 is nearly to start!

It is a nice opportunity to join us again to discuss specific issues related to INSPIRE implementation for our thematic community - With this aim, I am happy to invite you to the Joint the Face-to-Face Meeting of the Thematic Cluster #6 (Topographic and Cadastral Reference Data) and Thematic Cluster #3 (Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference Systems and Geographical Grids) that will take place on Tuesday Sept 18th at the INSPIRE/EC stand at 16:30-18:00 h.

You are also invited to join the following events:

1) INSPIRE Thematic Clusters session on Wednesday Sept 19th, in room Gorilla 3 at 14:00 h.

2) Workshop "Practicing INSPIRE coverages - Enhancing your raster and datacube assets!" on Thursday, Sept 20th, in room Nightingale at 09:00 h. In this activity we will update you on the state of implementation of INSPIRE coverages and will actively discuss on the remaining issues, based on practical examples.

See you in Antwerp!

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

INSPIRE Thematic Cluster Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems, Geographical grids - Join this group to share your knowkledge, learn and collaborate in solving issues related to the Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems and Geographical grids themes
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