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Request for comments on UNGGIM "Core Data Spatial theme Orthoimage - Recommendations for content"

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The UN-GGIM Europe Working Group on Core Data has published the first draft of the deliverable Core Data Spatial theme ‘Orthoimage’ Recommendations for contentthat is based on user requirements and on the corresponding INSPIRE Technical Guidelines on Orthoimagery theme (data specification).


This UN-GGIM document is now open for review by the geo-statistical community until 30th June 2019.


The Working Group on Core Data also proposes the members of the INSPIRE Thematic Clusters to contribute to this review.


 Feedback is especially welcome on the following potential issues in the draft:

-              Any aspects that are not clear enough.

-              Any items that may be irrelevant.

-              Any topics which may be missing.


If you are good willing to review this deliverable, please do not hesitate to edit your comments by using the template prepared for this purpose and send them to before 30th June 2019.


Both the draft deliverable and the template for comments are available on the UN-GGIM Europe website tab “Core spatial data themes - Recommendations for content” - Both also available through the direct links below:


All comments will get an answer. These answers will be sent to the review contributors.


Thank you in advance for your interest for the UN-GGIM Europe core data deliverables.


  • Peter BAUMANN
    Peter BAUMANN

    Dear all,

    being in a rush I cannot complete the form now, but let me point you to one issue:

    - the INSPIRE coverage data model is _not_ compatible with the OGC coverage data model

    - the INSPIRE WCS Download Service _is_ compatible with OGC WCS

    - OGC WCS normatively utilizes OGC coverages, therefore INSPIRE WCS does the same.

    Bottom line: best refer to INSPIRE WCS - ie: the service model - rather than the data model. Some INSPIRE experts have elaborated (and implementationwise confirmed) a coverage model which respects INSPIRE metadata, but is fully OGC compliant.

    best regards,

    Peter Baumann

    PS: JRC is informed, but no comment yet. For details, see

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