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Call for teams to solve Data Challenges of the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event

At Inspire Helsinki 2019 event we are hosting four data challenges for teams to compete in and to present their work. The data challenges will be solved in September and the best results will be presented at the event in Helsinki (or remotely) 22-24 October 2019.

By signing up your team to solve the Data Challenges by 16 August, you will benefit the most from the support of the challenge partners. Great prizes are also available for the winning teams, such as a free entry to the INSPIRE Conference 2020 in Dubrovnik and to the FME 2020 User Conference!

The challenges are:

  • Let's make the most out of INSPIRE!
    • Alternative encodings for INSPIRE data
    • Improved client support for INSPIRE data
    • Improved usability of INSPIRE data
  • Find the best seaside vacation spot
    • Develop solutions to find the best location for a seaside vacation depending on the interests and nature values ensuring sustainable nature of the planned activities.
  • By the Beautiful Blue Danube
    • Discover alternative transport routings using the European waterways and railways instead of road networks for increased efficiency and lower the CO2 emissions.
  • Commuting 2.0
    • Make planning the day-to-day commuting safer and more pleasant for pedestrians, cyclists and other light traffic users using weather, air quality and road condition data.

More information and introduction videos on the challenges can be found on the Data Challenges website.

The goal of the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event is to bring 150 developers, project managers, technical people and influencers of the European spatial data infrastructure to Helsinki to demonstrate the capacity of latest technologies and to see what can be achieved with European spatial data now and in the future, how to improve both decision-making and the daily life of everyone. The event also hosts keynotes and technical workshops.

The registration for the Inspire Helsinki 2019 event is open - it will be sold out soon!


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