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Infrastructure is characterized by its long useful life, since it is generally planned to be functional, durable and safe for several decades. Due to this, infrastructure is very vulnerable to the effect of climate change. Changes in the frequency and intensity of extreme events such as heat waves, droughts, floods, heavy winds, storms, fires and accumulated ice and snow affect the performance and integrity of infrastructure. Also, changes in averaged values and patterns of temperature, precipitation, winds, etc. can affect their economic and functional viability. Currently, the engineering practices and standards provide acceptable levels of risks of failure, functionality, durability and safety during the life of infrastructure networks and facilities considering climate historical records.


Despite the scientific consensus that the climate is changing, there is significant uncertainty about the location, timing, and magnitude of the changes over the lifetime of the infrastructure. The lack of authoritative data on the variables that infrastructure engineers require (which must be derived from the data provided by the state-of-the-art models and sources), as well as the absence of practical experience in the use of climate projections in the design and operation of infrastructure (and the application of the related standards) generates a gap between climate science and engineering practice.


This project is intended to bridge this gap by characterizing and quantifying uncertainty in future climate and taking such findings into consideration when planning, designing and operating infrastructure. Crucially it will consider how good practice represented in engineering and design standards incorporate climate change considerations and if current practice can be improved.

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

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