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Updated xml schemas for INSPIRE Data

By Karen Fullerton Comments (1)

On the 30th April we published updated versions of the xml schemas for INSPIRE data. These updates were necessary in order to make the schemas consistent with the changes introduced in the amendment of the Implementing Rules (Commission Regulation (EU) No 1253/2013) and the corresponding data specifications Technical guidelines.

In particular, the new schemas
1.     reflect the changes made on Annex II+III candidate types and placeholders
2.     include an additional data model for Maritime Units
3.     now use a common approach for encoding code list values (as references to the values in the INSPIRE registry)

In order to have a coherent set of schemas (including the references between them), all INSPIRE schemas (for Annexes I, II and III) were updated.

The old schemas will still be maintained for a limited time (until at least April 2016), i.e. minor updates or bug fixes agreed by the MIG will still be implemented for both versions. However, we encourage all data providers to use to new set of schemas for implementation from now on.

Detailed documentation of the approach taken for the schema update, the implications for data providers and instructions for migrating existing data from the current to the new schemas will be made available in the coming weeks on a dedicated page on the INSPIRE web site.

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