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Call for participation: MIG temporary sub-group on Web Coverage Servies (WCS)

Dear members of the Land Cover and Land Use Cluster,

After the endorsement of action MIWP-7b (Extension of Download Service Technical Guidelines for Web Coverage Services (WCS)) a  call for participation for a temporary MIWP-7b sub-group  have been published.

As coverages and WCS are relevant topics in our thematic domain, I encourage interested LCLU experts to apply to participate by sending an e-mail to Jukka Rahkonen (cc: to Michael Lutz) with the following information:

Expertise: [list the expertise and experience that qualifies you for participation in this sub-group]
Contributions: [describe how you will contribute to the tasks and/or deliverables mentioned in the ToR]

To get the sub-group kicked off as soon as possible, the initial deadline for nominations/applications is already 31 May. Of course, there can also be nominations/applications after that date.

With best regards,


Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

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