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Published Open Call: Copernicus Expert Groups


Dear members of the Thematic Cluster #5 (Facilities, Utilities and Public Services),

The European Commission has decided to establish a Copernicus Expert Group to provide independent advice concerning the status and evolution of the Copernicus Earth Observation programme and delivered results.

Individuals from the Copernicus Expert Group will be called upon to form specific Topical Panels to examine issues arising from the initial operations and longer-term development of the Copernicus services (Land monitoring, Marine environment monitoring, Atmosphere monitoring, Emergency Management, Climate change and Security, including Maritime surveillance, Border Control and support to External Actions) as well as the space and ground segments of the programme. Expert advice will inform the Commission on different aspects of service / programme performance (including cost, relevance, fitness-for-purpose) and preparing for the future, up to and including the character and evolution of the space and ground segments.

Among other things, the Copernicus Expert Group will be asked to provide advice in the area of compliance, where applicable, with the INSPIRE legal acts and technical guidance documents.

Applications for inclusion in the Copernicus Expert Group pool may be submitted at The call for expression of interest will remain open to applications throughout the lifetime of the Copernicus programme.

Further details about the call are available at

Angel López Alós

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

Facilities & Utilities, Public Services

Covers a broad set of facilities, installations, networks and constructions supporting economic activities and public services
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