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INSPIRE KEN / Thematic Cluster #3 Workshop on transformation of coverage-based data themes and WCS

The EuroGeographics INSPIRE KEN and INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 jointly organizes a workshop about transformation of coverage-based data themes (mainly EL and OI) and WCS on 29th and 30th September, at the Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) in Barcelona -


The workshop aims to share experiences about transformation of coverage-based themes, mainly Elevation and Orthoimagery. Data producers have to make their data conformant to INSPIRE before 2020 for annexes II and III (themes OI and EL are in annex II).

Whereas many NMCAS have already got significant experience about transformation and download services for vector themes, transforming and serving coverage-based data for INSPIRE is not yet widely spread and most of us are really willing to get more knowledge about these topics.

In addition, the MIF (Maintenance and Implementation Framework) of INSPIRE has launched the Thematic Clusters to share and consolidate the implementation experiences and make proposals for changes in the INSPIRE data specifications. Many NMCAs are also participating in the ELF project that involves theme Elevation and possibly Orthoimagery.

Consequently, it is a good opportunity to meet and share experiences and issues about transforming and serving the INSPIRE coverage-based themes.

Expected outcomes:

  • Get more knowledge about coverage data and WCS, in general.

  • Get some ideas about the transformation experience on these 2 themes (e.g. main difficulties, potential solutions, choice between options).

  • Check if we have same interpretation of INSPIRE specifications.

  • Identify potential common requests for change in INSPIRE specifications that might be reported to the MIG (Maintenance and Implementation Group)


Tuesday 29th September (morning)




9h – 9h 15


Dominique Laurent and

Jordi Escriu

9 h 15 – 10 h 45

Training session on coverages

Peter Baumann or associated

10 h 45 – 11h 15

Coffee pause


11 h 15 – 12 h 45

Training session on coverages

Peter Baumann or associated


Training session provisional program

1. Introduction to coverage geometry and functions. Standards (e.g. ISO 19123). Overview of the INSPIRE model for coverages from the INSPIRE Generic Conceptual Model. Examples.

2. Take an ad-hoc use case and work it out together with the help of Enterprise Architect. Explanation of the coverage structure (i.e. domainSet, rangeSet, reangeType) according to the use case.

3. Capabilities on encoding, based upon preselected use cases.

4. Service definition (i.e. WCS). Conformance testing. What is available.

5. Setting up a WCS (or go through the process to set it up) in a specific platform. Possible applications available.

Tuesday 29th September (afternooon)




14h 15 – 16h 15

National experiences about transformation of themes EL and OI (also open to other coverage data themes)



  • Experience from IGN France

Dominique Laurent


  • Experience from ICGC 

Jordi Escriu


  • Experience from CUZK

Veronica Kusova 


  • Experience from Saxony (EL-OI)

Soren Dupke – Con terra


  • Experience from IGN Spain

Julián Delgado Hernández

16 h 15 – 16h 45

Coffee break


16 h 45 – 17h 45

ELF activities



  • State-of-play

Saulius Urbanas


  • EuroDEM


Michael Hovenbitzer or Sebastian Lass (BKG)


  • Pilot project on OI


Saulius Urbanas or Emilio López


Wednesday 30th September (morning)




9h –  11 h 00

Web Coverage Service:



  • Basic notions of WCS and progress in MIG MIWP-7b

Jordi Escriu


  • National experience from Finland Meteorological Institute 
  • Experience from Flemish Hydrographic Agency (use of WCS in the Bathymetry Data Portal)  

Mikko Visa or Roope Tervo

Marc Roesbeke

11 h 00 – 11h 30

Coffee break


11 h  30 – 13 h 00

INSPIRE Thematic Clusters - State of play & Main discussion topics on coverages



  • Thematic cluster (OI, EL)


  • Thematic cluster (LU, LC)

Jordi Escriu


Lena Hallin Pihlatie



29th - 30th September 2015.


Cartographic and Geological Institute of Catalonia (ICGC) - Barcelona, Spain.


Workshop registration - Deadline for registration is 16th September.

Join this Workshop with us!

We look forward to seeing you in the Barcelona.

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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