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First work programme under ISA² adopted!

By Karen Fullerton Comments (1)

On 19 April, the College of Commissioners of the European Commission adopted the first work programme under the new ISA² programme. The EUR 131 million programme, which runs from 2016 to 2020, supports the development of interoperability solutions for the modernisation of public administrations across Europe.

Member States and Commission services have submitted 52 proposals for funding, of which 39 have been taken up in the 2016 work programmepdf(261 kB), with a total budget of roughly EUR 24 million. The actions are partly a continuation of those started under the predecessor programme ISA, and partly new ones.

One of the actions is the European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) Action.  A package of legal/policy, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability solutions to facilitate efficient and effective electronic cross-border or cross-sector interaction between European public administrations and between them and citizens and businesses, in the domain of location information and services, supporting Digital Single Market (DSM), Better Regulation (BR) and Public Sector Modernisation (PSM) goals.
It is aligned with the proposed focus of ISA
2 on European public administrations, businesses and citizens, and the need to ensure that best practice interoperable solutions are deployed across the European Union (EU).

For detailed information on the new ISA² work programme please click here.

For a financial overview please click here.

Source: ISA

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