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Smart Cities – just a marketing term or a real need for OGC standards?

Over the past year or so we have been involved in a number of activities that somehow play in the smart cities space. We’d like to examine what we have done and discuss what OGC needs to do in order to address this topic and whether a new DWG in which relating topics and working groups can come together will be useful.

Following on from the initial discussion at the Washington TC, we are calling a Smart Cities ad hoc meeting on Tuesday, 21 June 2016 from 17:15 to 19:00:

Continuing the discussion started in Washington (David Henderson)

Introduction - Why smart? (Carsten)

Overview of smart cities initiatives with OGC involvement:

  • ESPRESSO (Bart)
  • FCP1/buildingSmart international (Bart)
  • ITU-T SG20 link (Bart)
  • JTC1/WG11 smart cities (Carsten)
  • ISO/TC204 Intelligent Transport Systems (John)
  • Planned critical infrastructure pilot (Bart)
  • DWGs/SWGs in the smart cities space (John, Carsten)

3 short presentations:

  • Problem statement--What are the questions we want to answer? (John)
  • Opportunity spaces in smart (Carsten)
  • OGC smart cities architecture (Dimitri)

Discussion: what standards will be needed in 5 years time (not a discussion about what the standards needs are but how we can carry out a piece of strategic work to tell us)

  • How far should be branch out of geo? Not only location data but …data?
  • Technical and not-so technical items
  • Related subjects (inside and outside of OGC)
  • Summarising: gaps between OGC standards and what the smart cities market will require (Carsten)

Discussion: possible formation of Smart Cities DWG as umbrella DWG

  • Development of a charter
  • Next steps
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