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For those of you travelling to Barcelona for the Inspire conference in September 2016, we will be holding an informal meeting of the Marine and Atmosphere cluster.  This is a chance to meet face to face, talk about some of the topics raised on the discussion forum and share experiences about Inspire implementation. 

The planned date for this is Tuesday 27th September at 15:00.  This is during the coffee break after the Plenary Session and before the 'Better Management of Ocean Resources' session.  So please, take your coffee along to the Inspire Booth where we will have a change to meet face to face, discuss common Inspire issues and we can share sessions we will be attending.  I am hoping in particular to give an overview of the best sessions to attend related to the implementation of OGC download services.

Other Inspire Clusters you may like to attend are on Thursday 29 from 11.00 to 11.30, the EC INSPIRE room is booked for a Biodiversity and Management Areas Cluster dedicated session.  This could be useful for SR datasets.

Also, on Monday 26, 2nd Slot there is an O&M workshop which will also serve as a focus point for EF cluster members. This should be usful for those working with OF/MF datasets


Marine & Atmosphere

Marine & Atmosphere

Oceanographic Geographical Features, Sea Regions, Atmospheric Conditions and Meteorological Geographical Features
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