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New INSPIRE forum website launched

Dear INSPIRE Forum user,

The redesigned  INSPIRE forum site has recently been launched; here are the highlights of the new site:

  • We have a new interface and a new address! https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/forum
  • In addition to the 9 Thematic Cluster groups, we have added two new discussion groups, one on INSPIRE & Environmental Policy  and another dedicated to Software and Tools
  • Tagging has become more powerful!  You can now search content using our curated tag list or follow tags so you can receive email updates when content is tagged. 
  • There is a new selected highlights section: selected for you by the discussion group facilitators. 

Concerning the notification system, there are have been two important changes:

It is now possible for every user to be notified of the INSPIRE forum site content activity by two methods:

  1. Following specific tags
  2. Following group content activity

By default both methods are disabled for every user. It is up to the individual user to make use and enable any of the above methods . Either or both notifications methods can be enabled at the same time so it is a matter of preference of how you as a user would like to receive notifications.

To start following tags go to the tag index page and select the tag(s) you wish to follow by clicking the   icon. 
To unfollow specific tags go to the Tag notifications page and click on icons of the tags you wish to unfollow.

After you have configured what tags to follow , whenever  new content is posted and it is tagged with one or more of the tags you follow, you will get a notification. 

To start following group content activity go to the Group notifications page and tick/select the group for which you wish to follow content. 
To unfollow group content activity activity go to the Group notifications page and untick/unselect the group for which you wish stop following its content.

Remember that you need to be logged-in to see and set the above options.  

You can view our FAQ page here.

We hope that you will have a pleasant browsing experience,

The INSPIRE forum team

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