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European population grid from the GEOSTAT project: Revision

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Ongoing since 2010 the European Statistical System "GEOSTAT" project produces datasets with population data on grids. The grid used is the ETRS89 LAEA 1x1km with INSPIRE compliant coding and the datasets are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes:

The GEOSTAT 1A project resulted in a population grid for 2006 created using a hybrid approach - total population for grid cells was calculated either by aggregation (bottom-up) or disaggregation (top-down) methods. Details can be found in the final report:

The GEOSTAT 1B project resulted in a population grid for 2011 also created using a hybrid approach. Details can be found in the final report and its appendixes:

The GEOSTAT 1C project results will surface shortly with grid presentation of population breakdowns by sex and economic age groups.

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Statistics & Health

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