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OF / MF : Data in non-supported representations: Revision

Last updated by Keiran MILLARD

Proposal: Revise Inspire legistlative text to accommodate data that cannot be transformed to formats supported by either the Inspire data specifications or network services.  It is proposed that these data are made discoverable (i.e. Inspire metadata records and discovery services) but there is no obligation to conform to a particular data model or delivery service (i.e. the discovery service points to the current 'as is' services).  This is on the basis that this at least provides visibility on the data avaialble.

Description:  Some data that is not capable of being represented in Inspire - even though the thematic scope is correct.  This includes movies and photographs but also other data such as sound/noise and modelled data that cannot be be sensibly respresented on the data structures in Inspire e.g. unstructured meshes  However there needs to be a formal method to allow Member States to publish 'not possible to comply' data under Inspire so that it is not punitive on a MS to do this.  .