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Workshop “Feel the power of INSPIRE WCS / WCPS in your hands”: Revision

Workshop “Feel the power of INSPIRE WCS / WCPS in your hands”

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INSPIRE Helsinki 2019:

Wednesday 23rd October 2017, 15:30 – 17:00 CEST.


Epicenter venue - Mikonkatu 9, Helsinki.



This hands-on workshop was focused on exploring the advantages of using coverages through the OGC standards WCS / WCPS and SOS when accessing, subsetting, and combining INSPIRE coverage data sources, e.g.:

  • Data belonging to INSPIRE coverage themes - where coverages are considered as features (WCS view): Energy resources (ER), Natural risk zones (NZ), Elevation (EL), Land cover (LC), Land use (LU), Orthoimagery (OI), Soil (SO) & Geology (GE).
  • Data belonging to INSPIRE Observations & Measurements (O&M) Themes - with coverage data seen as observation results (SOS view): Environmental monitoring facilities (EF), Atmospheric conditions & Meteorological geographical features (AC/MF), Oceanographic geographical features (OF) & Geology (GE).
  • Other INSPIRE and/or external data layers, such as Copernicus data.

The webinar was also dedicated to present example / mock of INSPIRE WCS services for the Elevation, Orthoimagery and Land cover themes, based on a proposal for amending the INSPIRE schemas for such themes which overcome most of the issues identified during the implementation of INSPIRE coverage data (see Webinar “Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages”).

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The workshop was targeted to both, users and providers of any kind of geospatial raster data. It was conducted smoothly for beginners in order to show the benefits of raster data in coverage format, the power of the associated processing service (WCPS) in raster spatial data analytics.

Expected outcomes

The amended proposal for INSPIRE coverage (metadata) schemas will be proposed as Best Practices to INSPIRE MIG for their potential endorsement.

Agenda / TOC

1) State of Play about coverage data and WCS / WCPS services standardisation in OGC / ISO, including the new OGC OpenAPI - Coverages interface.

2) State of Play of INSPIRE Coverages - OGC Compliant INSPIRE XSD coverage schemas.

3) Practical WCS / WCPS exercise:

  • Introduction to the use of rasdaman engine.
  • Practical geospatial data exercise.
  • Importing and re-using existing WCS services available.
  • Analyse and combine different data layers mostly based on WCS sources.
  • Download and presentation of results.
  • Feedback from the audience.

4) Conclusions for the future and the evolution of INSPIRE coverages. 

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

INSPIRE Thematic Cluster Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems, Geographical grids - Join this group to share your knowkledge, learn and collaborate in solving issues related to the Elevation, Orthoimagery, Reference systems and Geographical grids themes