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Results from the WS on Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS: Revision

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This page provides the links to the agenda, minutes, presentations and videos from the Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS".

This activity was organized by Thematic Cluster #3 during the last INSPIRE Conference in Barcelona, on 30th September 2016, with the crucial support of Peter Baummann and Alex Dumitru (from the Jacobs University - Bremen & Rasdaman GmbH) as well as the EuroGeographics INSPIRE-KEN . A few, but really active, members of the cluster participated in this fruitful and interesting workshop.

The event constitututes the continuation of the cluster discussion activities about the main issues and questions from implementers of coverage data and related services in the Member States, which were already summarized and explained during the 29th INSPIRE MIG-T in Ispra (19-20 April 2016).

The preliminar collection of information for this new activity (issues and first reactions related) were originally gathered during the INSPIRE KEN / Thematic Clusters Workshop on Transformation of Coverage-Based Data Themes and WCS and the subsequent Follow-up Webinar on Coverage Data and Services.

Agenda of the Worskshop (with links to Presentations and Videos)

Session 1 – INSPIRE Coverages and WCS – State of the Art

Presenters: Jordi Escriu (ICGC / Facilitator Cluster #3) & Dominique Laurent (IGN-France / Chair INSPIRE-KEN).

  • Introduction:
  • INSPIRE-KEN & Thematic Cluster #3 activities on coverages and WCS - Presentation / Video

Presenter: Dominique Laurent (IGN-France / Chair INSPIRE-KEN).

  • INSPIRE Coverages and WCS – Basic concepts & Overview of relevant implementation issues - Presentation / Video

Presenter: Jordi Escriu (ICGC / Facilitator Cluster #3).

Presenter: MIWP-7b Team - Jari Reini (Finnish Geospatial Research Institute – National Land Survey of Finland).

  • Experiences and expectations on coverages, WCS and applications 

Presenter: Julia Wagemann (European Organization for Meteorological Forecast, ECMWF).

Presenter: Alex Dumitru / Peter Baumann (Jacobs University Team, Bremen).

Session 2 – INSPIRE Coverages and WCS Implementation

Presenters: Peter Strobl (Joint Research Centre).

  • Discussion: Coverage data and service implementation - Presentation / Video:
    • How to deal with the huge volume of coverage data.
    • How to implement the concept of coverage aggregation.
    • How to implement the concept of mosaicking.
    • INSPIRE coverage extensions vs. OGC standard coverages.
    • Purpose of the metadata hook (metadata at coverage level).

Drivers: Jordi Escriu (ICGC / Facilitator Cluster #3) & Dominique Laurent (IGN-France / Chair INSPIRE-KEN) & Peter Baumann (Jacobs University, Bremen), Audience.

  • Coverage standardization evolution: From GMLCOV to CIS v1.1 - Video

Presenters: Peter Baumann (Jacobs University, Bremen).

  • Wrap-up & Conclusions

Presenters: Jordi Escriu (ICGC / Facilitator Cluster #3) & Dominique Laurent (IGN-France / Chair INSPIRE-KEN).

Minutes of the Workshop (with Future Actions)

Workshop "Implementation and potential of INSPIRE coverage data and WCS" - Final Minutes (with Actions)


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