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Examples of INSPIRE View Services for the data themes in the Biodiversity and Management Areas Cluster: Revision

This page aims to provide examples of INSPIRE View services for INSPIRE conformant data relevant to the themes addressed by the cluster.

It is meant to be a ‘read-only’ page, should you want to provide other implementation examples, please open a discussion topic or email the facilitator.

Protected Sites data theme

Example 1:

Description: Romanian Protected Sites.

The list of available layers can be retrieved through GetCapabilities request:  

Software tool: ArcGis

WMS endpoint:

WMS GetMap example :,4960401,3005804,6122165


Bio-geographical Regions data theme

Example 1:

Description: WMS for bio-geographical region pan-european dataset developed in the framework of a feasibility study commissioned by the European Environment Agency aiming to assess to what extent the most used software tools were able to provide and consume INSPIRE conformant data through View and Download services. Focus was given on validation and usability of served data in GIS environment more than on validation of services. This WMS service is for test purposes.

Software tool: deegree

WMS endpoint:  

WMS GetMap example:,941726.0,7601957.0,6824986.0

Biodiversity & Area Management

Biodiversity & Area Management

If themes like Protected Sites, Area Management/Restriction/Regulation Zones and Reporting Units, Habitats and Biotopes, Species Distribution, Bio-geographical Regions matters to you, join these groups!