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Workshop “Spatial Reference Systems for Europe”: Revision

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Workshop “Spatial Reference Systems for Europe”

Workshop title: Spatial Reference Systems for Europe

Organizers: JRC (Joint Research Centre) / MEGRIN (precursor of EuroGeographics, European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities).

Date:   23-30 November 1999.

Geographical scope: European.


Report summarizing the proceedings of the Spatial Reference workshop organized by MEGRIN on 23-30 November 1999, following a request from the European Commission Joint Research Centre. Its objective, to be achieved by discussion amongst leading experts from the field of European geodesy and Geographic Information, was to examine the options and issues related to a European Reference System for spatial data.

By its acceptance and support of the defined system the European Commission would promote widespread use of the de facto standard for future pan-European data products and services.


  • Advise the European Commission on data specification related to spatial referencing systems.

  • Identify and assess, at the European level, the issues involved.

  • Identify the relevant actors for addressing them.

  • Draft an initial action-plan.

  • Work for the adoption a common Spatial Reference System for Europe.

  • Make a survey/collection of the Spatial Reference Systems used in Europe (at this time).

  • Transformations from national coordinates to the common system, and vice versa.

  • Specification, validation or certification of software embedded transformation modules.


The report may help to understand the adoption of the ETRS89 geodetic datum and the EVRS vertical reference system, as a common spatial reference to be used in the European scope.

The workshop recommended the European Commission to adopt these systems for geo-referencing spatial data and related services, include them in the specifications of the products to be delivered by the European Commission, as well as promote a wider use of ETRS89 within all Member States.

Themes: Coordinate reference systems.

Resource language: English


Proceedings of the workshop

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