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Issues related to PS application schema

The aim of this page is to have a clear list of the reported issues and suggestions for the next update of the PS application schema / Technical Guidelines. 

Find below direct links to topic-relevant posts:

legalFoundationDate  (changing data type from DateTime to Date  - status of change request: on-going)

legalFoundationDocument (legislationCitation instead of CI_Citation as data type of the legalFoundationDocument attribute)

inspireID vs inspireid (proposal to change the name of the Inspire identifier element from 'InspireID' to 'InspireId' as it is in all other data models - status of change request: accepted. A corrigenda is available but the application schema has not yet been updated)

How to deal with geometry - mandatory and not voidable when geometry information cant be provided

PS data model regarding designations (how to behave when sites change their status from SCI to SAC - what about so called "C" sites?)

Biodiversity & Area Management

Biodiversity & Area Management

If themes like Protected Sites, Area Management/Restriction/Regulation Zones and Reporting Units, Habitats and Biotopes, Species Distribution, Bio-geographical Regions matters to you, join these groups!