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INSPIRE Conference 2016: presentations strictly related to Biodiversity

Last updated by Stefania MORRONE

Among the several interesting sessions and presentation  listed in the programme, I would like to point out a few that are strictly related to Biodiversity and Management Areas Cluster:

Nature and biodiversity – 27/09/2016 – 15:30  Room: A

Transnational SDI projects - 29/09/2016 - 09:00  Room: J

presentation SDI for the International Union for Conservation of Nature ( IUCN )

Implementation examples – 29/09/2016 – 14:00 Room :H3

presentation Challenges in creating the first Romanian INSPIRE compliant reference dataset , including view ( WMS ) and download services ( WFS 2.0 ) : the Romanian natural protected areas 

Follow the links above to download relevant PDF presentations from the INSPIRE Conference website.

Biodiversity & Area Management

Biodiversity & Area Management

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