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Examples of INSPIRE view and download services for the INSPIRE Land Cover and Land Use themes

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Examples of INSPIRE view and download services providing datasets harmonized according to the LC and LU data specifications

Please provide more implementation examples through a discussion topic or by contacting the LCLU facilitator and they will be added to this page. We are especially interested in services which contain open data, and particularly in examples of implementing view and download services following the specifications for Planned Land Use.  

LC and LU INSPIRE services provided by IGN Spain


  • LC. CORINE Land Cover data. Portrayal: default style and CORINE colour style. Availability CORINE data for 1990, 2000, 2006 and 2012, accessible by parameter TIME.
  • LU. SIOSE data. Portrayal: default style. Scale visualization range: >50.000. Availability SIOSE data for 2005 and 2011, accessible by parameter TIME.


Technology: GeoServer


  • LC. CORINE Land Cover data for 1990, 2000, 2006 and 2012. This type of service, due to the relationship between LandCoverDataset and LandCoverUnit, provokes enormous getFeature requests for the LandCoverDataset features. To be consumed by QGIS, it is necessary to use a special pluggin and work with reduced bbox.

Technology: Deegree

LC INSPIRE services provided by EEA and Epsilon Italia

WMS and WFS providing CORINE Land Cover data



WFS GetFeature examples for LCUnits and LCDataset respectively:

Technology: Deegree

Source: EEA’s study on INSPIRE Services

The INSPIRE services of the Estonian Land Board

Technology: ArcGIS for INSPIRE

WMS and WFS LC serivices provided by Federal Agency for Cartography and Geodesy in Germany

INSPIRE view and download services for Annex I theme LC based on CORINE Land Cover 10ha (CLC10)

Details about the technical solution and implementation process are given in this presentation

Test WMS and WFS PLU services provided by the City of Hamburg

Technology: Deegree enterprise edition (

The WFS-service work with the latest QGIS Version and the WFS 2.0 Client.

WMS LU service provided by European Open Land Use Map initiative

 Technology: MapServer

Land Cover & Use

Land Cover & Use

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