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D3.1 Guidelines for sharing marine spatial data

Last updated by Keiran MILLARD

This report produced by the marine pilot is due to be published soon and available here.  The reports sets out the process for Inspire harmonisation of marine data sets to support environmental reporting for the MSFD.  It takes an end to end of approach, starting with original source datasets and transforming them to Inspire data specifcations using HALE for the purpose of e-reporting.

The pre-public draft has generated quite a bit of interest in the EMODNet community.  The first point is that data transformation is a current topic in EMODNet, especially for multi annex data sets.  The D3.1 report details the process for data transformation using HALE, but doesn't address what to do where the dataset is across several themes.  This topic has been discussed for almost two years, and several suggestions have been put forward how to deal with this scenario - but there is no clear guidance to date.

Second point the report makes is around the role of EMODNet in the delivery of Inspire.  This topic is not new, and roles/scenarios for EMODNet have been discussed in many workshops - but again there is no clear direction on this.