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Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages"

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Webinar “Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages”


Monday 6th November 2017, 10:30 – 12:00 CET.


Online webinar - Connection details:

Please, access the following URL on the date and at the time scheduled for the webinar and follow the instructions:


Coverages are widely used in INSPIRE as an interoperable way for providing raster data ready to be exploited through datacube analytics, being present at least in the following themes:  

  • Annex II: Elevation, Land cover, Orthoimagery, Geology.

  • Annex III: Soil, Land use, Natural risk zones, Atmospheric conditions, Meteorological geographical features, Oceanographic geographical features, Energy resources.

The webinar will be dedicated to summarize the challenges and issues related to INSPIRE coverage data implementation, explain different alternative proposals to deal with them and finally to choose an appropriate, agreed solution with the collaboration of the audience.

Most of the issues identified correspond to the need of clarifying how the conceptual contents foreseen in the INSPIRE data specifications have to be implemented by using the existing implementation standards (OGC CIS standards), i.e. covering any implementation gaps identified without making use of non-interoperable extensions.

Relevant pages and Discussion topics:

Summary - Introductory presentation:


The webinar is mainly targeted to producers and implementers of INSPIRE coverage data and related WCS services, but also to potential users of such kind of data and people interested in raster spatial data analytics and datacubes.

Expected outcomes

As a result of the discussion, an appropriate solution will be hopefully agreed and selected from the alternative proposals presented in the webinar, which will derive a list of concrete change proposals to the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines and/or the Implementing Rule for the Interoperability of Spatial Data sets and Services, ready to be discussed and potentially endorsed by MIG.

Agenda / TOC

  • Introduction: INSPIRE coverage data - Challenges and Implementation issues.

  • Alternative proposals to ease implementation of INSPIRE Coverages.

  • Questions & Discussion.

  • Wrap-up & Conclusions.


  • Jordi ESCRIU
    Jordi ESCRIU

    Material and documentation presented in the webinar

    • Presentation:

    Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages" - Presentation

    • Excel spreadsheet - Description of Alternative 1 & Alternative 2:

    Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages" - Excel spreadsheet: Description of Alternatives 1 and 2

    • Alternative 2 applied to Elevation UML diagram:

    Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages" - Alternative 2 Applied to Elevation UML Diagram

    • Alternative 2 applied to Orthoimagery UML diagram:

    Webinar "Implementation of INSPIRE Coverages" - Alternative 2 Applied to Orthoimagery UML Diagram

    Webinar recording

    Conclusions / Agreements

    Two alternatives were presented in the webinar in order to solve the current issues identified by the cluster related to INSPIRE coverage data implementation:

    • Alternative 1: Solutions based on the application of the OGC CIS v1.1 standard, recently approved.
    • Alternative 2: Solutions based on the application of the OGC CIS v1.0 standard (namely GMLCOV).

    It was a long webinar, but helpful to explain the audience the current issues to address and the possible ways to proceed (solve them), as well as to check with the cluster’s members which is the most appropriate alternative at the moment.

    The general outcome was that Alternative 2 is the more pragmatic solution, at least while CIS v1.1 is not widely adopted by software packages publishing WCS services.

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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