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Experience from IGN-Spain II (Elevation Coverage data: WCS Implementation)

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Experience from CNIG – IGN Spain - March 2017 (Updated on January 2018)


Spanish experience from the Geographic Information National Centre (CNIG) in the implementation of INSPIRE Download Services using Web Coverage Services (WCS) for the Elevation theme.

  • Reference documentation:
  • Spatial data sets (to be provided as coverages):
    • Original data:
      • Digital Terrain Models (DTM) with different grid-cell size using EPSG:25830 (ETRS89-UTM30) for Peninsula and Balearic Islands, and EPSG:4083 (REGCAN95-UTM28) for Canary Islands.
      • Format: ASCII Grid files by units of 20' latitude per 10' longitude.
      • EVRS: transformation from the national height system has not been implemented yet.
      • Zone RectifiedGridCoverage grid cell size (m)
        Peninsula and Balearic Islands Elevacion25830_1000 1000
          Elevacion25830_500 500
          Elevacion25830_200 200
          Elevacion25830_25 25
          Elevacion25830_5 5
        Canary Islands Elevacion4083_1000 1000
          Elevacion4083_500 500
          Elevacion4083_200 200
          Elevacion4083_25 25
          Elevacion4083_5 5


    • Reprojected data to publish Spatial Data Sets using INSPIRE CRS (EPSG:4258)
      • Format of each coverage: JPEG 2000 files.
      • EVRS: transformation from the national height system has not been implemented yet.
      • Zone RectifiedGridCoverage grid cell size (m)
        Spain Elevacion4258_1000 1000
          Elevacion4258_500 500
          Elevacion4258_200 200
          Elevacion4258_25 25
          Elevacion4258_5 5


  • Publishing of the download service (WCS 2.0)
    • Mapserver 6.4.1 (problems with operation getCoverage in lasted version, 7.0.4)
    • A Mapserver configuration file (.map) was created with the following items:
      • Original coverage use tileindex for ASCII Grid files
      • Reprojected coverage use directly JPEG 2000 file (EPSG:4258)
    • An off-line static capabilities file served was created, which is served by Apache. The mandatory ExtendedCapabilities element was included in the capabilities file to allow publishing an INSPIRE compliant service, with the following content:
      • MetadataUrl: link to the corresponding metadata record within the Discovery Service (GetRecordById operation).
      • Supported Languages: Spanish (spa).
      • SpatialDataSetIdentifier: RS_Identifier (code + namespace) used for each coverage.WCS ExtendedCapabilities - IGN Spain
    • Delivering coverage data using multipart representation:
      • MEDIATYPE Mapserver parameter is included within the GetCoverage requests (FORMAT=image/tiff&MEDIATYPE=multipart/related)​
      • The format encoding has two parts:
    1. GML document representing all coverage components except the range set.
    2. GeoTIFF file with the range set.

Data themes covered:

Elevation (Rectified Grid Coverage).

Software used:

Mapserver 6.4.1, Notepad++, Apache, CentOS Linux.



Service URL Endpoint: 

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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