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3D Geologic Models - INSPIRE and Linked Data

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Publishing 3D Geological models is a great challenge for both earth science experts and GIS specialists.
In programs like GeoERA, EPOS it has got into the focus and is becoming more important in the future.  
The intention of starting this page is to contribute to the undergoing efforts, and answer some crucial questions:

  • Is the INSPIRE Consolidated UML Model enough to serve the needs?
  • Do we need extensions?
  • What kind of dictionaries are required?

The Mining and Geological Survey of Hungary (MBFSZ) has set up a test bed application to investigate the potentials of combining INSPIRE data models and linked data technology in order to describe and distribute 3D geologic Models. The link below contains a brief summary of a test bed application, a demonstrative example of a simplified 3D model. You can read more at:


László SŐRÉS

László SŐRÉS

author of the GE/geophysics data model