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Workshop "Map Projections for Europe"

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Workshop “Map projections for Europe”

Title: Map projections for Europe

Organizers: JRC (Joint Research Centre) / EuroGeographics (European Association of National Mapping, Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities).

Geographical scope: European.


Report summarizing the content and results of a two-day workshop jointly organized by the Joint Research Centre (EC) and EuroGeographics on 14 -15 December 2000, with the aim to examine the options and issues concerning suitable map projections for spatial data for use by the European Commission in its activities.

The convergence achieved, composed of a set of recommendations, forms the basis for the current de facto standard for pan-European products and services:

  • Reaffirmation to use ETRS89 as geodetic datum and to express and store positions, if possible in ellipsoidal coordinates.
  • Adoption of  EVRF2000 for expressing practical (gravity-related heights).
  • Adoption of suitable map projections based on the ETRS89 geodetic datum:
    • Lambert Azimuthal Equal Area [ETRS-LAEA], for statistical analysis and display.
    • Lambert Conic Conformal [ETRS-LCC], for conformal pan-European mapping at scales smaller or equal to 1:500,000.
    • Transverse Mercator [ETRS-TMzn], for conformal pan-European mapping at scales larger than 1:500,000.
  • Support EUREF, EuroGeographics and National Mapping Agencies in collecting and making publicly available the formal definitions of existing coordinate reference systemsscope, together with the definitive transformation parameters between ETRS89, EVRF2000 and national systems. in the European


  • Provide a coherent overview of the situation in Europe about coordinate reference systems (at this time).
  • Provide technical descriptions and references to understand the related issues.
  • Analyse the European Commission requirements and propose a set of technical solutions  to be adopted by the European Commission as European conventional Coordinate Reference Systems.
  • Identify other recommendations or areas of future investigation.


The report may help to understand the selection of coordinate reference systems for data provision and visualization in the INSPIRE context and find related references.

Its outcomes are one of the basis of the current content of the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines on Coordinate Reference Systems.

Themes: Coordinate reference systems.

Resource language: English

Metadata date: 2015.


Report of the workshop

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