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Workshop on “European Reference Grids”

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Workshop “European Reference Grids”

Workshop title: European Reference Grids

Organizer / Venue: JRC (Joint Research Centre / European Commission).

Date:   27-29 October 2003.

Geographical scope: European.


Report summarizing the proceedings and recommendations of a workshop organized by the Joint Research Centre (EC) on 27-29 October 2003, with the aim to define a proposal for a European Grid Coding System to facilitate the management and analyses of spatial information for a variety of applications, especially for use by the European Commission in its activities.

Knowledge and issues were shared during this workshop, making a comparative analysis of different EU initiatives, projects and regulations making use of geographical grids (e.g. ICP-Forest, LUCAS, ESPON, EEA Atlas, Atlas Florae Europeae), evaluating previous technical work to build trans-national grids (e.g. TANDEM, Nordvic), and giving specific attention to the spatial methods needed to transform information between grids.

When discussion this last topic, the workshop addressed geodetic aspects which reaffirmed the selection of European standards resulting from previous workshops (European Datum ETRS89 and related map projections).

Finally, the feasibility to establish and implement a European grid in the long term was discussed, as well as how to achieve this endeavor.


  • Provide a coherent overview of the situation in Europe about usage of geographical grid systems (at this time).

  • Provide technical descriptions and references to understand the related issues.

  • Analyse the requirements related to trans-national geographic grids from users of different communities (including the European Commission).

  • Propose a technical solution to be adopted by the European Commission as Geographical Grid System European standard.

  • Identify other recommendations or areas of future investigation.


The report may help to understand the origins of the Grid_ETRS89-LAEA, namely Equal Area Grid, for spatial and statistical analyses, and for the reporting of other sources of information to a common European grid.

Its outcomes are one of the basis of the current content of the INSPIRE Technical Guidelines on Geographical Grid Systems.

Themes: Geographic grid systems.

Resource language: English


Proceedings and recommendations from the workshop

Workshop agenda and links to presentations



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