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5. HILUCS Topic: Religious Service

Question: Is the LU type 3_3_4_ReligiousService sufficient in detail?

Proposal: Add three substypes under 3_3_4_ReligiousService as 3_3_4_1_HouseOfWorship, 3_3_4_2_Monastery, and 3_3_4_3_Cemetery



This class includes the areas used for the provision of religious services.

3_3_4_1_HouseOfWorship [EAGLE proposal]

This class applies for churches, mosques, synagogues, and other house types of confession. This use type can include administrative buildings, mostly associated to the church, synagogue etc. itself.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

3_3_4_2_Monastery [EAGLE proposal]

This class applies for monasteries where a group of people (mostly men and women separate, but not necessarily) live and organized themselves to dedicate their life time to the practising of their religion according to certain religious principles and rituals.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

3_3_4_3_Cemetery [EAGLE proposal]

This class applies for cemeteries of all kinds of confession, as well as historical cemeteries.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

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