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6. HILUCS Topic: Indoor/Outdoor cultural service

Question: Is it differentiated enough to have all kinds of cultural service in just one class, independent of its indoor or outdoor character?

Proposal: Add two new subtypes as 3_4_1_1_IndoorCulturalServices and 3_4_1_2_OutdoorCulturalServices.




This class includes the provision of artistic, library, museum, zoos, botanical gardens, historical sites and other cultural services.

3_4_1_1_IndoorCulturalServices [EAGLE proposal]

This class includes the provision of indoor cultural services such as libraries, museums, theatres.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS).

3_4_1_2_OutdoorCulturalServices [EAGLE proposal]

This class includes the provision of outdoor cultural services like e.g. zoos, botanical gardens.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

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