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10. HILUCS Topic: Dump site and recycling facility

Situation: A facility that functions as a dump site has a different impact on the environment than a facility where re-usable substances and materials are recycled.

Proposal: Make a difference under 4_3_3_WasteTreatment between 4_3_3_1_DumpSite and 4_3_3_2_RecyclingFacility.



This class includes the areas used for the collection, treatment and recycling of waste (dumpsites, waste incineration, composting, hazardous waste treatment and recycling facilities).

4_3_3_1_DumpSites [EAGLE proposal]

This class applies for areas used for the collection and deposit of waste.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

4_3_3_2_RecyclingFacility [EAGLE proposal]

This class includes the areas used for the recycling of waste or used material that is prepared to be re-introduced to a product life cycle. This material for example can be paper, all kinds of plastic packaging and plastic bottles, glasses, but also biomass or biological waste turned into humus.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)  

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