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11. HILUCS Topic: Migrant camps and holiday cottages

Situation: Though in migrant camps as well as in summer cottages people are only supposed to be present temporarily, it is almost a bit cynical – though for sure not on purpose – to have them both in the same class. For sure refugees are not in such a camp on holiday. Besides, the character of these two dwelling types is often very different in terms of necessary sanitarian or medical supply, or density of population on the spot.

Option I: Make under 5_3_OtherResidentialUse two subtypes as 5_3_1_TemporaryDwellingCamps and 5_3_2_HolidayResidence.
Option II (preferred option): Bring the above proposed (see option I) two new classes (as 5_3 and 5_4) on the same hierarchical level as 5_1 and 5_2; change numbering of 5_3_OtherResidentialUse to 5_5 (if still needed at all with the new classes 5_3 and 5_4, which would then contain what is until now under OtherResidentialUse).

Further, the term “Permanent” is a bit misleading, because also brasilian favela was not meant to be permanent, but over the years has become a quasi-permanent though still informal character. Therefore, 5_3_1_TemporaryDwellingCamps could be by name modified to 5_3_1_TemporaryAndInformalDwellingSites. (Admitted the fact that refugee camps are under certain circumstances formally and officially installed in case of emergency by international organisations).




This class includes residential areas mixed with other non-conflicting uses (e.g. various services, light industries etc.).


This class includes areas dominantly for temporary dwellings (camps of migrant people), holiday residences (summer cottages), etc.

5_3_1_TemporaryDwellingCamps [EAGLE proposal]

This class includes areas dominated e.g. by areas used for temporary dwellings like refugee camps or for migrant people.
(EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

5_3_2_HolidayResidence [EAGLE proposal]

This class includes areas for holiday residences (summer cottages), etc.
 (EAGLE proposal, not yet in HILUCS)

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