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12. HILUCS Topic: Areas not in use, never been in use, out of use, abandoned

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Last updated by Lena Hallin-Pihlatie

Situation: It is often unclear how to address areas which are obviously not in use, but for many different reasons.

Proposal: The criteria whether a land parcel is called abandoned or just temporarily not in use needs to be discussed thoroughly. In the EAGLE data model, the fact of an area not in use or being abandoned is more seen as a status or a character rather than as a land use type.
Similarly, a construction site is more a piece of land in the “status” under construction, not so much seen as “land use” itself.
Further, besides “under construction” or “abandoned”, several other kinds of a status can be modelled under the heading of a characteristic rather than a land use, like damaged, contaminated etc.

The EAGLE group would like to stimulate an open discussion on this topic, how to capture, store, map, and model such information.

Proposal: So far, no concrete proposal is suggested here, only the unchanged HILUCS structure is shown.


This class includes areas not covered by the above mentioned classes or under construction.


This class includes areas under construction. This class should be used only for existing land use and not for planned land use.


This class includes abandoned agricultural, residential and industrial, transport and basic infrastructure areas. Area belongs to the abandoned class if it is not in use and can't any more be used for the original purpose without major reparation/renovation work.


This class includes areas which are in natural state and not in other economic use


This class includes areas which are in natural state and not in other use e.g. woodland, shrub land, grassland, wetland, bare land, which are not in any socio-economic use. This includes the areas with a planning status ‘natural area’. Protected areas can belong to this class or if other uses are present also to other classes. Protected areas are always tagged with a supplementary regulation status ‘protected area’.


This class includes water areas which are not in any socio-economic use (e.g. lakes, rivers, and permanent snow or ice covered areas)


This class includes areas where any use is allowed in the Planned land use (PLU)


This class includes areas where no use is specified in the Planned land use (PLU), e.g. areas outside the scope of the plan.


This class includes areas where the land use is unknown.

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