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Air quality


Eionet Air Quality Portal:

INSPIRE Air Quality e-reporting:

Austrian INSPIRE EF-based AQD services:

Netherlands INSPIRE EF-based AQD services:

Swedish INSPIRE EF-based AQD services:

Marine Example


SeaDataNet Examples

For the SeaDataCloud project, we've put together a consistent set of examples. All observations are from the same cruise with the same vessel, thus the platform level EnvironmentalMonitoringFacility and the EnvironmentalMonitoringActivity are only provided once. Each observation type (TimeSeries, Profile, Trajectory) has its own sampling point level EnvironmentalMonitoringFacility with FoI and Process in addition to the observation. The word file provides an overview of the features together with the source data utilized (SeaDataNet formats ODV, CDI and CSR), the Excel Matching Table provides the explicit matching per attribibute. The following exemplary GML files have been created:

  • Platform    SDN_EF_Vessel_EFVS_74E3 SDN_EF_Vessel_EFVS_74E3
  • Cruise    SDN_CruiseActivity_EFAC_74E3_D278 SDN_CruiseActivity_EFAC_74E3_D278
  • Time Series Data    Temperature values, half daily
    • Sampling Point    SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_TEMPPR01 SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_TEMPPR01
    • FeatureOfInterest    SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_TEMPPR01 SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_TEMPPR01
    • Process    SDN_Process_OMPR_TEMPPR01 SDN_Process_OMPR_TEMPPR01
    • Observation    SDN_PointTimeSeriesObservation_OFTS_D278_TEMPPR01 SDN_PointTimeSeriesObservation_OFTS_D278_TEMPPR01
  • Profile Data    Chlorophyl at pressure depths
    • Sampling Point    SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_CPHLPM01 SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_CPHLPM01.xml updated
    • FeatureOfInterest    SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_CPHLPM01 SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_CPHLPM01
    • Process    SDN_Process_OMPR_CPHLPM01 SDN_Process_OMPR_CPHLPM01
    • Observation    SDN_ProfileObservation_OFPO_D278_CPHLPM01 SDN_ProfileObservation_OFPO_D278_CPHLPM01
    • Out-of-Band Observation OFPO_D278_CPHLPM01 SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_CPHLPM01 Out-of-Band encoding
  • Trajectory Data    Sea-floor depth {bathymetric depth}
    • Sampling Point    SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_MBANCT01 SDN_EF_SamplingPoint_EFSP_D278_MBANCT01.xml Update
    • FeatureOfInterest    SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_MBANCT01 SDN_FOI_EFFOI_D278_MBANCT01
    • Process    SDN_Process_OMPR_MBANCT01 SDN_Process_OMPR_MBANCT01
    • Observation    SDN_ProfileObservation_OFTO_D278_MBANCT01 SDN_TrajectoryObservation_OFTO_D278_MBANCT01

Word overview table (includes references to the CDI, CSR and ODV files utilized): SeaDataNet Encoding Examples Overview

Matching Table: SeaDataNet Matching Table

Further Marine Examples

There are some nice Marine examples being discussed in the following thread:

There are some nice links if you do the effort to register (in Finnish) at The fields (sequentially) are: name, mail, organisation, usage (last one is other use), comment, password, repeat password, captcha. Once you have your own API Key, you can play!

Also, in the GridSeriesObservation, you see nice use made of the CompositeObservableProperty (Note: if you use the encoded URI provided in the XML, you'll get all ObservableProperties. replace the & with a simple & and you'll just get the relevant ones)

Borehole (GeoSciML Lite) linked to an EMF


a borehole (GeoSciML Lite) linked to an EMF (gsmlp:groundWaterLevel) in turn linked to an EMN (<ef:belongsTo>) and TimeSeries (ef:hasObservation )

The underlying system is described in those slides

Some individual detail links:


XML Observations:

JSON Observations (not yet official INSPIRE, but cool):

Here is an exmaple that returns the observation as PointTimeSeriesObservation:




Environmental Observation Framework

Web portal:


In the UK the EOF (Environmental Observation Framework) catalogue ( uses a schema that implements EF and allows the key hierarchical relationships to be navigated.  Where it is limited is in the original source data which means not all the elements and attributes can be populated - but there is work on gonig to address this. 

Interestingly the UK-EOF schema extents EF with financial data so that the costs of monitoring networks are recorded.


Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring & Observations

Environmental Monitoring Facilities, Observations and Measurements