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Title (project name): Deployment of an EU Open Data core platform: implementation of the pan-European Open Data Portal and related services. The portal itself will be advertised as European Data Portal.

Owner: European Commission

Geographical scope: Europe; the commission asked us to harvest data from the 28 EU Member States + countries from the European Economic Area, Switzerland, candidate countries and potential candidate countries.

The consortium will harvest the data that is available and that can be harvested in a reasonable amount of time.


The objective of the pan-European web-based data portal infrastructure is to make available all data published by public administrations in Europe at all levels of government, including the EU institutions and bodies on dedicated web portals in one single place. It will thus include data that comply with the definition of 'open data' but also data that do not comply with that definition.

Furthermore, this infrastructure will catalyse alignment in terms of standards with respect to data formats, metadata information, including the availability of metadata information in more than just the original language. This will create an environment supporting an organic, cost-effective data integration in Member States publishing practices (based on the adoption of data standards, shared data models and entity identifiers, and data linkage best practices) as well as incentives for organic, long-term growth based on reuse of high quality (open) data assets in Europe.

The two main elements of this infrastructure are

  • a metadata repository and
  • a web-based graphical user interface together with support offered to users of that interface.

Strategic objectives:

  • improve access to reusable public data assets in Europe as a key input to value added information services by facilitating the discoverability of such data;
  • increase the number of published data assets by public administrations in all EU Member States and the countries of the European Economic Area;
  • increase the number of services and products building on public data assets;
  • support the sustainability of (open) data portal infrastructures by providing evidence on their impact.


  • to develop, launch, operate and maintain a large-scale pan-European web-based data portal infrastructure to act as a single point of access to (open) datasets produced in the Member States, by EU institutions and bodies and certain third countries;
  • to assist administrations in the EU Member States and certain third countries with the definition and implementation of policies with respect to open data and the establishment of relevant organisational processes
  • to ensure that there is also a significant uptake on use made of such public data resources by further developing relations between data publishers and potential reusers by providing fora for discussion of subjects of common concern and producing policy recommendations for the European Commission;
  • to provide evidence on the economic impact of publishing data assets by public administrations;
  • to examine the sustainability of (open) data portal infrastructures.

Intended Audience: Everybody in the European Union

Consortium: Capgemini Consulting, Intrasoft, Fraunhofer Fokus, con terra, Open Data Institute, time.lex, Sogeti, Universtiy of Southampton