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SR / AM : Scoping Marine Areas to Inspire Themes

Last updated by Keiran MILLARD

Proposal: Revise SR technical guidelines to make explicit that users should consider SR as the default Inspire Theme for marine areas.  Then by exception AM.  Update the informative part of the SR specification to include example from the Inspire Marine Pilot on matching data sets to Inspire Themes.

Description: Some datasets exhibit a duality to more than one theme.  In many cases there is no right answer and communities need to come together to agree the best approach for them.  For example a marine area could be in SR or AM.  To help users we suggest putting guidance that states SR should be the starting point for marine regions.  Only if the region is used for reporting or management then AM should take precedance.  The mapping exercise from the Inspire Marine Pilot provided a good example of this in practice.



Revision Impact: MINOR. This is a change only to the Informative part of the TG.  It does not affect (or contradict) the IR or data models.