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INSPIRE Implementation as a Driving Force in developing Statistical Services at Statistics Finland

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During the GeoStatistics session of the INSPIRE Geospatial World Forum 2015 Conference Rina Tammisto from Statistics Finland talked about interoperable spatial statistics in the Finnish National Spatial Data Infrastructure.

In 2013 Statistics Finland published webservices (WMS/WFS) and INSPIRE Compliant metadata for Statistical Units and Population Distribution data themes. INSPIRE statistical data are published in the Finnish national geoportal, which also offers tools for spatial analysis of this data.

Maps with statistical data and background data from the national geoportal may be published / embedded on external websites using a predefined HTML code block.

The presentation also reveals usage statistics for different kinds of INSPIRE spatial data services (WMS / WFS / ATOM). Surprisingly ATOM direct download services are the least popular, while WMS view services generate the most hits.

Publishing statistical data as INSPIRE services has raised awareness of spatial statistics. The next step for Finland is to make data fully compliant with the INSPIRE data specifications, which is planned for the upcoming years.

More details can be found in the presentation and on the Statistics Finland website.

Statistics & Health

Statistics & Health

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