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Emodnet, like Inspire, have an objective towards improving access to marine data.  Emodnet is an initiative of DG Mare which aims to unlock sources of public data and make them available for reuse for policy and industrial users via common services. Inspire is an EC directive that mandates standards for data and data services such that data can be effectively reused and exchanged.

Emodnet is one of the largest communities of Marine data providers and users in the EU, as such is a major beneficiary and customer of Inspire.  It also consolidates earlier initiatives such as SeaDataNet. A collaboration between Inspire and Emodnet has been started to look at how these two initiatives can work more closely together.  This is in part to consider the role of Emodnet in helping MS to deliver Inspire.  A white paper is being developed to examine this more closely and will be posted here when complete.

EMODNet cuts across most Inspire themes where the overlap with the marine domain.  Of most relevant to this cluster (marine and atmosphere) are the physcis and chemistry portals that map directly to the OF specfication.

EMODNet has discovery and view services based on Inspire standards and protocols.  In addition EMODnet makes use of the BODC vocabluary server which is a best practice example of a community developing a registry service support their data services.  The vocabularly service was developed over several years of national and EC research in projects such as the UK NERC Data Grid, SeaSearch and MyOcean.