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MyOcean (Copernicus)

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The MyOcean demonstration phase enabled to open the service on a pre-operational mode during 6years. From May 2015, it was renamed as the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) and is working on an operational mode.

CMEMS, like Emodnet, has developed in parallel with Inspire and is also a pan-European initiative.  It has some data servcies that are comparable with EMODNet (in situ observations) but also has satellite derived data and data from numerical simulations.  In terms of Inspire the main themes represented as OF and AF.

CMEMS has discovery and view services based on Inspire standards and protocols.  The view service in particular is based on ncWMS which is an OGC WMS interface onto a netCDF-CF file.  netCDF is a binary data encoding commonly used for large coverage datasets in the ocean and atmospheric domain and this a good example of how an OGC interface can be applied to pre-existing file formats.


  • Willem STOLTE
    Willem STOLTE

    Interesting topic. To what extent would publication of coverage data using the netCDF format (for example via OPeNDAP, or ncWMS) comply to INSPIRE? And would it also be acceptable to publish feature data as netCDF files, using standard names for parameters, in stead of transformation to a common INSPIRE data model?