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IHO Navigation Products

Last updated by Keiran MILLARD

IHO naviagation products are key base layer used in many marine applications and contexts.  The electronic navigation chart (ENC) is built on a suite of well developed and adopted standards managed by the IHO and used worldwide for defining and maintaining feature and object types to support naviagtion. May of these features have value beyond navigation and because of the robustness of the global database the ENC has transcended from a product for navigation into a source dataset for many marine applications.  Inspire has adopted (as established practice) many of the feaures defined by the IHO, notably in the HY and SR data specifications.

ENC's themselves are a data product and so typically fall outside of the scope of Inspire.  For example, the UKHO (as a public body who creates the ENC in the UK) only creates the depth (EL) and EEZ (AU) data - all the other data comes from other public bodies.  As such there is no legal requirement to deliver ENC's 'in an Inspire compliant way'.  ENC's are designed for use in specific view services used for vessel management.

Commercial organisations such as SeaZone have exposed ENC data to a wider market by developing products suitable for desktop GIS and webservices that can be used readily for Inspire compliant services.  This also includes a feature catalogue that maps the ENC objects to Inspire Themes.  However this effort is only partial across the EU because not all Hydrographic Offices allow re-use of ENC data in this way.