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A project has been launched  to  help  stakeholders  of  the  Marine  Strategy  Framework  Directive  2008/56/EC
(MSFD) to understand how the obligations of the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC relate to the data and
information  management  aspects  of  the  MSFD.  It  provides  an  overview  of  the  different  INSPIRE
components and explains  the  relationship  between  the  MSFD  and those of Inspire.

The aim of the INSPIRE marine pilot is to help improve the understanding of INSPIRE in the management of Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)-related spatial information, and to provide guidance and tools that facilitate the mentioned obligations.

The activity is funded by the ISA programme as part of the EULF Action, by DG ENV, and by JRC. The EEA, NL, DE, and DK are partners in the first phase project and are contributing in-kind.

The pilot will take a few datasets needed to underpin the MSFD reporting, and work-out complete examples of INSPIRE-based data management. In the first phase of the pilot this is done for data holdings in NL, DE, and DK. In the second phase the guidelines, tools and expertise are promoted in other countries participating in MSFD Working Group Data Information and Knowledge Exchange (DIKE).