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Training Session on Coverages & Web Coverage Services (WCS)

The EuroGeographics INSPIRE-KEN and INSPIRE Thematic Cluster #3 organized a 2-day Workshop dedicated to share experiences about Transformation of Covegare-Based Data Themes (mainly focused on the Elevation and Orthoimagery themes) and WCS - It was celebrated on 29th and 30th September in Barcelona - Find more details here.

The workshop started with an interesting Training Session on Coverages and WCS, presented by Alex Dumitru (Jacobs University - Germany), from the Peter Baumann's team.

This session provided a very nice overview on these topics intended for both, coverage "dummies" looking for a practical introduction and implementers asking for an update to this area of knowledge. The contents are summarized below:

  • The concept of coverages and their related OGC services (WCS).
  • Encoding of coverages in GML (GML Application Schema for Coverages, or GMLCOV).
  • An insight on the WCS standard from OGC, explaining its scalability and capabilities: WCS core & different pottential Extensions (e.g. for subsetting, scaling and processing coverage data).
  • Current implementation solutions (mainly from Radasman GmbH): radasman Array DBMS + Petascope.
  • Hands-on examples on the above mentioned aspects (encoding of coverages, WCS core requests & responses, WCS request and responses for some of the extensions).
  • Current related activities regarding coverage data standardization.
  • Relevant links, standards and documents.

The presentation given in this session is available here:

Workshop Coverages and WCS - Coverages and WCS Training session

The video recording of this session will be accessible through the EuroGeographics website soon.

If you come up with specific questions or doubts regarding the topics covered in the session, please feel free to open a new discussion topic in the main group of Thematic Cluster #3 - Here.

Alternatively you can also contact with Alex Dumitru ( and / or Peter Baumann (

Additionally, if you are interesting in getting a deeper knowlege on these topics, you can also access to the different webinars available through the Earth Server initiative page:



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