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PNOT Project

Title: Plan Nacional de Observación del Territorio (PNOT) [Territory Observation National Plan]

Owner: Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN-E) & Regional Mapping Agencies (Spain).

Geographical scope: National / Regional.


Spanish collaborative project aimed at obtaining a full coverage of products considered as basic reference data. Its is composed of 3 components:

  • Plan Nacional de Ortofotografía Aeria (PNOA)  [Aerial Orthophoto National Plan] - High resolution coverage of aerial orthophotos and digital elevation models.
  • Plan Nacional de Teledetección (PNT) [Remote Sensing National Plan] - Medium and low resolution coverage of satellite images, including coordination for their exploitation and use.
  • Sistema de Información sobre Ocupación del Suelo en España (SIOSE) [Spanish Land Cover Information System] - Land cover information system.

The main component is PNOA, where data is captured through only one photogrammetric flight following a rigorous processing based on a common technical data specification, defined by consensus, which covers the needs of all partners.

The project is co-funded by the central government of Spain and the regional governments (autonomous regions). This allows a descentralized and cooperative data production between the different administration levels following the principles of INSPIRE.

It has received the Public Service Award of the United Nations in 2013.


  • Update periodically the coverage high resolution aerial orthophotos (e.g. 25 or 50 cm, depending on the area), the digital elevation model and the satellite image coverages (weekly) of the country.
  • Coordinate the exploitation and use of satellite images by public administrations.
  • Update the land cover information system.
  • Obtain a common photogrammetric source data for the production of national and regional GI databases in the country.


  • Share production costs between the central administration and the Spanish regions.
  • Produce the products only once and reuse them many times.
  • The geometrical and temporal coherence of GI data bases of the levels of the administration is optimized by utilizing the same source photogrammetric data.

Status: On-going (periodic coverages).

Themes: Orthoimagery / Elevation / Land cover.

Resource language: Spanish.

Metadata date: December 2014.





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