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Experience from IGN-France

Experience from IGN-France - September 2015


General methodology foreseen to implement the Elevation theme in France (Orthoimagery theme in the future) - Including:

  • Preliminary selection of data sets to be transformed and identification of needs for coordination with other national data producers.
  • Technical choices for INSPIRE data:
    • Predefined data set download / WCS in the future.
    • Provision of Gridded data using in ETRS89-GRS80 geographic coordinates and EVRS (using EVRF 2000) in the continental Europe / The national systems in the national overseas territories.
  • Transformation procedure:
    • Source EL data: DTMs with 5m and 1m grid cell size - Format ESRI ASCII Grid.
    • Coverages corresponding to handable 1000 x 1000 tiles (aprox.4 Mb each).
    • Choices and path followed for the population of the attributes 'inspireId', 'domainExtent', 'domainSet', 'rangeSet', 'rangeType', 'coverageFunction', 'metadata' (at data set level + sorce mask).
    • Results.

Data themes covered

Elevation (Orthoimagery in the future).

Software used

  • GDAL - For applying the CRS transformations.
  • XQuery3.0 processor - For generating GML files according a GML template.


On-going / First steps and results.

Issues / Questions

  • High data volume when implementing predefined data sets.
  • No possibility to provide exisiting rich LIDAR data to the INSPIRE model (outside the scope by now).
  • Need to process a high number of tiles.
  • Need to better clarify how to deal with data updates: e.g. a change in temporal attributes in the INSPIRE model or a new object with a new identifier.


  Workshop Coverages and WCS - Experience data transformation - IGN-France

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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