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Experience from ICGC-Catalunya, Spain

Experience from ICGC-Catalunya, Spain - September 2015


Plan foreseen to implement the Elevation theme in Catalunya, Spain (Orthoimagery theme in the future) - Including:

  • Preliminary selection of data sets to be transformed (for OI and EL).
  • Technical choices for INSPIRE data:
    • Provision of Gridded data requested to WCS service (Need to update current service version and output data format).
    • Using ETRS89-TM31 projected coordinates (currently EPSG:25831 - to be transformed to ETRS89-TMzn) and EVRS (conversion from national height system not implemented yet).
  • Transformation procedure:
    • Source OI data: RGB and IR Orthophotos with 0.25 m & 0.50 m GSD.
    • Source EL data: DTMs with 5m and 15m grid cell size / 0.90 m vertical accuracy - Format ESRI ASCII Grid served by existing WCS.
    • Analysis of the encoding standards:
      • OGC 07-036 - GML.
      • OGC 09-146r2 - GML Application Schema - Coverages (GMLCOV).
      • OGC 08-094r1 - SWE Common Data Model.
    • Edition of a GMLCOV example using the Multipart representation.
    • Automation of the transformation process and Results (pending items).

Data themes covered

Elevation (Orthoimagery in the future).

Software used

  • Notepad++ - For editing the GMLCOV examples.
  • FME (not used yet) - For the automation of data transformation process from bulk source data.


On-going / First steps and results.

Issues / Questions

  • How to encode some of the coverage components in GML, from those options which are in principle correct taking into account the applicable standards (e.g. where to provide the URL containing the WCS request, within the 'gml:rangeParameters' element or within the 'gml:fileReference' element).
  • Need to update our current WCS service, from versions 1.0.0 / 1.1.1 to version 2.0.
  • Looking forward to proper data validations tools to be used through the proocess (GMLCOV examples, Executable Test Suites, etc.).


Workshop Coverages and WCS - Experience data transformation - ICGC, Catalunya

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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