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Experience from Czech Republic I (Coverage data)

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Experience from Czech Republic - September 2015


Process followed to implement the Elevation and Orthoimagery themes in Czech Republic, transforming original data to the INSPIRE data model to satisfy specific user's request (resulting data is not stored at the moment) - It includes:

  • Selection of data sets to be transformed.
  • Technical choices for INSPIRE data:
    • Provision of EL & OI gridded data using Multipart representation (reference to an external TIFF binary file).
    • Predefined data set download - Tiles corresponding to the units of the Zoned Geographic Grid - Zone 1 Levels 1M, 2M.
    • Using ETRS89-TM33N projected coordinates (also ETRS89-TM34N for OI in a region of the MS) and EVRS.
  • Transformation procedure:
    • Source data
      • EL: (DMR4G) DTMs with 5m grid cell size - Vertical accuracy 0.3m for bare terrain, 1m for forest areas - Format .XYZ.
      • OI: - Resolution 0.25m - Standar error 0.25m for flat terrain, 0.5m for hilly terrain  - Format: .jpg.
    • Coverages corresponding to the units of the Zoned Geographic Grid at the zone and levels selected.
    • In case of EL - Transformation to EVRS.
    • Transformation to ETRS89-TM33 (or ETRS89-TM34).
    • In case of EL - Interpolation to raster 5x5 m.
    • Generation of the GML file and Export range set values to TIFF files.
    • Choices and path followed for the population of the attributes 'inspireId', 'domainExtent', 'domainSet', 'rangeSet', 'rangeType' (manually added).

Data themes covered

Elevation and Orthoimagery.

Software used

  • Humboldt Alignment Editor (HALE) v2.9.3 - For the GML creation



EL / Quite complete:

  • Currently available: Sample GMLCOV file, Tool for gridded data transformation.
  • By December 2015: INSPIRE Data already available through eShop.

OI / First steps:

  • CRS transformation toll already available.
  • WMS and predefined data set download (no GML) available since July 2015.
  • Currently preparing sample GMLCOV file.

Issues / Questions

  • Need to better clarify how to deal data updates: e.g. a change in temporal attributes in the INSPIRE model or a new object with a new identifier.


Workshop Coverages and WCS - Experience data transformation - CUZK

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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