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Experience from the State of Saxony-Germany

Experience from the State of Saxony-Germany - September 2015


Collaboration of con terra GmbH with the State of Saxony, in the framework of the project sax4INSPIRE - Including:

  • Selection of data sets to be transformed.
  • Technical choices for INSPIRE data:
    • Provision of Elevation and Orthoimagery gridded data using WMS and ATOM feeds (predefined data set download).
    • EL data encoded inline in the GML file.
    • OI data using Multipart representation (reference to an external TIFF binary file).
  • Transformation procedure:
    • Source data:
      • EL: DTMs and DSMs, with 2m grid cell size - Format .xyz grid files.
      • OI: 0,2m resolution - Format: GeoTIFF files.
      • (LC: Corine Land Cover 1990, 2000 and 2006 - Format: ESRI Grid).
    • Data pre-processing (conversion from ESRI Grid format to TIFF format, use of gml:File in the rangeSet).
    • Transformation (configuration of the final rangeSet in FME, addition and population of INSPIRE-specific coverage components such as 'domainSet', 'rangeSet', 'rangeType' using the XML Templater transformer).

Data themes covered

Elevation and Orthoimagery.

(Also: Land cover - for the German Federal Environment Agency).

Software used

  • FME - For generating the GMLCOV files and automate the process.



Issues / Questions

  • Not clear how to implement tiling - Proposal to provide multiple rangeSets within the same GMLCOV file (to be checked and validated).
  • Size of the data sets / tiles is high.
  • Support to multiple CRS.


Workshop Coverages and WCS - Experience data transformation - Saxony / con terra

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

Elevation, Ortho & Grids

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